Civil engineering as the basis of a livelier and more inviting urban centre

The town of Haapajärvi wanted to build a new market square with car parking spaces. Maveplan created plans that made it easy to find the best contractors through tenders, allowing construction to start without any delays.

“Working with Maveplan met our expectations. We made a framework agreement with Maveplan, so will contact them again when we need help with future projects.”Vesa Savolainen

Technical director

Town of Haapajärvi

The updated town plan was used as the basis for drawing up the plans for modernising the market square and surrounding area in the centre of Haapajärvi. The project team decided that the most convenient solution would be to carry out the market square project at the same time as the construction of the new commercial centre next to the market square.

By modernising the area, the town wanted to bring more traffic to the market in the centre by making it an attractive spot for shopping and socialising. In addition to specifics such as the atmosphere, traffic arrangements and drainage, the project team wanted to ensure that the market square would fit naturally in its surroundings. Another goal was, of course, to make sure that the construction would go as smoothly as possible.
Maveplan was one of the companies with which the town of Haapajärvi made a framework agreement for engineering services. Before signing the agreement, the parties went through the standard contract negotiations and quotation process. Maveplan won the contract with its quotation for the project.

When planning the project, the team created a roadmap for the construction tenders and the actual construction process, taking into account the proposals and parameters laid down in the architectural plan and the construction plan of the commercial centre. In order to ensure that the drained foundation would bear the loads and not experience frost heaving, the area was levelled and new material layers, drains and stormwater sewer systems were designed. In addition to the market square, the plan also included the rebuilding of the car park located on the south-east side of the market square and the construction of a new, smaller car park on the north-west side of the square.

With so many details that needed to be considered, the project team held several planning meetings to review and draw up construction plans so that the plans and perspectives of all parties could be taken into consideration. Maveplan was responsible for coordinating the project and drawing up the designs. Haapajärvi’s technical director Vesa Savolainen and civil engineer Kari Kestikievari agreed that working with Maveplan was a success.


  1. Comprehensive market square and car park plans for construction tenders
  2. Plans that ensured a smooth construction process
  3. End result: a functional market square full of services for the people of Haapajärvi
  4. More inviting and livelier city centre
  5. Improved the image people outside of Haapajärvi have of the town

  • Population: 7,440
  • Land area: 790 km2 (area under water: 24 km2)
  • The civil engineering department of the town of Haapajärvi creates and maintains attractive, active and safe areas for housing and business

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