Restoration of water resources

  • Investigations and proposed actions to reduce the load in catchment areas
  • Restoration of water resources to improve water quality, habitats of aquatic life and use of water bodies and to reduce internal load
  • Structures and actions to support restoration efforts, such as wetlands, submerged weirs and dredging

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Lauri Keskitalo
Industry Manager
Project manager
Water resource engineer
Master of Science (Technology)
+358 40 546 9409

Seppo Hihnala

Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering), Team leader
+358 400 283 570
Location: Etelä-Pohjanmaa

Jouko Heiskanen

Field drainage technician
+358 400 153 195
Location: Etelä-Suomi

Seppo Hihnala

Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering), Team leader
0400 283 570

Location: Kannus, Kokkola, Toholampi, Lestijärvi, Reisjärvi, Sievi, Halsua, Kaustinen, Veteli, Perho

Tarmo Kämä

Team leader
+358 400 978 295

Juha Pyykkö

+358 40 543 4532

Location: Tyrnävä, Kempele, Siikajoki, Liminka, Lumijoki

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