Water supply network design

We draw up general and construction plans for water supply projects for new build properties in urban and rural areas. We also plan bypass sewers and water supply pipelines along with the necessary pumping stations and utility chambers.

We create models of existing water supply and sewer systems and use the models to determine different parameters, such as capacity and pressure levels. With this data, we can design a new pressure booster station or line pumping station to improve the reliability of a water supply and sewer system.

Our comprehensive service also covers field planning, such as alignments, surveying and soil analysis.

We fill in the regulatory applications for permissions granted by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (for laying pipes near roads) and by the Regional State Administrative Agency (for underwater pipe laying).

  • Water supply networks and connecting water pipes and feed water supply
  • Sewer systems and sewage conveyance pipelines
  • Stormwater sewer systems
  • Pipeline capacity inspections and functional tests
  • Planning of water supply network renovations
  • Planning of rural wastewater management (property-specific)

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Industry Manager
Project manager
Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering)
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Location: Etelä-Pohjanmaa

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Field drainage technician
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Seppo Hihnala

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Team leader
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