Infrastructure for solar parks

Thanks to our expertise in drainage and water control, we are particularly well equipped to design solar parks located in peat production areas. We support our customers through every stage of their project.

We conduct preparatory studies on the current state of water management / drainage in the area, measure the thickness of the peat layer and recommend further studies and planning as needed. Our goal is to get an overview of the area’s potential for infrastructure development and, for instance, the matters that need to be reported in the notification of ditch drainage before large-scale studies and planning.

This helps ensure that:

  • the extent and scope of soil analysis can be determined appropriately;
  • communication with authorities goes smoothly; and
  • there are no undue delays.

Planning and studies

  • planning and ensuring basic drainage in the area;
  • planning of subsurface drainage systems, including subsurface drains for adjusting water levels;
  • planning of watercourse protection systems (for sites with acid sulphate soil);
  • planning of road networks in the area; and
  • soil testing and surveying in the area.

We also provide expert assistance with filling in notifications of ditch drainage and liaising with the relevant authorities.

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Geotechnical investigation and structural engineering
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