Fishways and fisheries restoration

  • Natural and constructed fishways and submerged weir modifications to support fish and other aquatic life
  • Expertise in restoration of flowing bodies of water to improve the habitats of fish and other aquatic life

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Lauri Keskitalo
Industry Manager
Project manager
Water resource engineer
Master of Science (Technology)
+358 40 546 9409

Seppo Hihnala

Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering), Team leader
+358 400 283 570
Location: Etelä-Pohjanmaa

Jouko Heiskanen

Field drainage technician
+358 400 153 195
Location: Etelä-Suomi

Seppo Hihnala

Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering), Team leader
0400 283 570

Location: Kannus, Kokkola, Toholampi, Lestijärvi, Reisjärvi, Sievi, Halsua, Kaustinen, Veteli, Perho

Tarmo Kämä

Team leader
+358 400 978 295

Juha Pyykkö

+358 40 543 4532

Location: Tyrnävä, Kempele, Siikajoki, Liminka, Lumijoki

Fishway planning for Korpelan Voima

Maveplan designed a fishway to bypass the Korpela power plant. In addition to planning, Maveplan also took care of quality control at the construction stage and supervised the project on the customer’s behalf. Reima Ahola, a project manager at Korpelan Voima, highlights the importance of Maveplan’s expertise in demanding and unique projects similar to the Korpela fishway.

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