Renewable energy projects bring new opportunities


An increasing number of photovoltaic power generation projects are being planned across Finland, many in areas previously used for peat production. The project sites are vast, some over 100 hectares. In these areas, the key issues are drainage, water control and protection of water resources. For these projects to be viable, they must have cost-effective water control solutions that meet regulatory requirements and are able to accommodate the project plans.

It seems that there is no common policy to harmonise planning practices and regulatory requirements, and different parties and stakeholders also interpret these factors differently depending on where they are in Finland. Maveplan Oy has been involved in several photovoltaic power generation projects in various expert roles in different parts of Finland. With several projects under our belt, we have experience in implementing planning solutions and managing regulatory guidelines across the country.

What does all this look like in other countries? The Just Transition Fund (JTF) has granted Maveplan financing for a project to examine the state of photovoltaic power generation projects in Sweden. This project will be carried out in 2024 in cooperation with Nordic Export Groups Oy. Our aim is to investigate local policies and conditions with respect to the regulatory landscape and construction. During the project, we will also try to find new customers for our services. If necessary, we will adjust our services to meet local needs.

Above all, we are eager to learn new things and improve our operations. We see demand for our services across the border, which is why we are now seeking revenue-generating opportunities in Sweden.

Vi ses hur det går!

Olli Utriainen
Maveplan Oy

Photo: Mats Larka, EPV Energia